Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Lines To John M'Murdo, Esq. Of Drumlanrig Sent with some of the Author's Poems.

O could I give thee India's wealth,
As I this trifle send;
Because thy joy in both would be
To share them with a friend.

But golden sands did never grace
The Heliconian stream;
Then take what gold could never buy-
An honest bard's esteem.

Rhyming Reply To A Note From Captain Riddell

Dear, Sir, at ony time or tide,
I'd rather sit wi' you than ride,
Though 'twere wi' royal Geordie:
And trowth, your kindness, soon and late,
Aft gars me to mysel' look blate-
The Lord in Heav'n reward ye!

R. Burns.



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