Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : S

Sab:   to sob
Sae:   so
Saft:   soft
Sair:   sore:   hard:   severe:   strong
Sair:   to serve
Sair:   sairly:   sorely
Sairie:   sorrowful:   sorry
Sall:   shall
Sandy:   Sannack:   dim of Alexander
Sark:   a shirt
Saugh:   the willow
Saul:   soul
Saumont:   sawmont:   the salmon
Saunt:   saint
Saut:   salt
Saut-backets:   v backets
Saw:   to sow
Sawney:   v sandy
Sax:   six
Scar:   to scare
Scar:   v scaur
Scathe:   scaith:   damage; v skaith
Scaud:   to scald
Scaul:   scold
Scauld:   to scold
Scaur:   afraid; apt to be scared
Scaur:   a jutting rock or bank of earth
Scho:   she
Scone:   a soft flour cake
Sconner:   disgust
Sconner:   sicken
Scraichin:   calling hoarsely
Screed:   a rip:   a rent
Screed:   to repeat rapidly:   to rattle
Scriechin:   screeching
Scriegh:   skriegh:   v skriegh
Scrievin:   careering
Scrimpit:   scanty
Scroggie:   scroggy:   scrubby
Sculdudd'ry:   bawdry
See'd:   saw
Seisins:   freehold possessions
Sel:   sel':   sell:   self
Sell'd:   sell't:   sold
Semple:   simple
Sen':   send
Set:   to set off; to start
Set:   sat
Sets:   becomes
Shachl'd:   shapeless
Shaird:   shred:   shard
Shanagan:   a cleft stick
Shanna:   shall not
Shaul:   shallow
Shaver:   a funny fellow
Shavie:   trick
Shaw:   a wood
Shaw:   to show
Shearer:   a reaper
Sheep-shank:   a sheep's trotter; nae sheep-shank bane = a person of no small
Sheerly:   wholly
Sheers:   scissors
Sherra-moor:   sheriffmuir
Sheugh:   a ditch:   a furrow; gutter
Sheuk:   shook
Shiel:   a shed:   cottage
Shill:   shrill
Shog:   a shake
Shool:   a shovel
Shoon:   shoes
Shore:   to offer:   to threaten
Short syne:   a little while ago
Shouldna:   should not
Shouther:   showther:   shoulder
Shure:   shore (did shear)
Sic:   such
Siccan:   such a
Sicker:   steady:   certain; sicker score = strict conditions
Sidelins:   sideways
Siller:   silver; money in general
Simmer:   summer
Sin:   son
Sin':   since
Sindry:   sundry
Singet:   singed:   shriveled
Sinn:   the sun
Sinny:   sunny
Skaith:   damage
Skeigh:   skiegh:   skittish
Skellum:   a good-for-nothing
Skelp:   a slap:   a smack
Skelp:   to spank; skelpin at it = driving at it
Skelpie-limmer's-face:   a technical term in female scolding (R B)
Skelvy:   shelvy
Skiegh:   v skeigh
Skinking:   watery
Skinklin:   glittering
Skirl:   to cry or sound shrilly
Sklent:   a slant:   a turn
Sklent:   to slant:   to squint:   to cheat
Skouth:   scope
Skriech:   a scream
Skriegh:   to scream:   to whinny
Skyrin:   flaring
Skyte:   squirt:   lash
Slade:   slid
Slae:   the sloe
Slap:   a breach in a fence; a gate
Slaw:   slow
Slee:   sly:   ingenious
Sleekit:   sleek:   crafty
Slidd'ry:   slippery
Sloken:   to slake
Slypet:   slipped
Sma':   small
Smeddum:   a powder
Smeek:   smoke
Smiddy:   smithy
Smoor'd:   smothered
Smoutie:   smutty
Smytrie:   a small collection; a litter
Snakin:   sneering
Snap smart
Snapper:   to stumble
Snash:   abuse
Snaw:   snow
Snaw-broo:   snow-brew (melted snow)
Sned:   to lop:   to prune
Sneeshin mill:   a snuff-box
Snell:   bitter:   biting
Snick:   a latch; snick-drawing = scheming; he weel a snick can draw = he is
good at cheating
Snirtle:   to snigger
Snoods:   fillets worn by maids
Snool:   to cringe:   to snub
Snoove:   to go slowly
Snowkit:   snuffed
Sodger:   soger:   a soldier
Sonsie:   sonsy:   pleasant:   good-natured:   jolly
Soom:   to swim
Soor:   sour
Sough:   v sugh
Souk:   suck
Soupe:   sup:   liquid
Souple:   supple
Souter:   cobbler
Sowens:   porridge of oat flour
Sowps:   sups
Sowth:   to hum or whistle in a low tune
Sowther:   to solder
Spae:   to foretell
Spails:   chips
Spairge:   to splash; to spatter
Spak:   spoke
Spates:   floods
Spavie:   the spavin
Spavit:   spavined
Spean:   to wean
Speat:   a flood
Speel:   to climb
Speer:   spier:   to ask
Speet:   to spit
Spence:   the parlor
Spier v speer
Spleuchan:   pouch
Splore:   a frolic; a carousal
Sprachl'd:   clambered
Sprattle:   scramble
Spreckled:   speckled
Spring:   a quick tune; a dance
Sprittie:   full of roots or sprouts (a kind of rush)
Sprush:   spruce
Spunk:   a match; a spark; fire:   spirit
Spunkie:   full of spirit
Spunkie:   liquor:   spirits
Spunkies:   jack-o'-lanterns:   will-o'-wisps
Spurtle-blade:   the pot-stick
Squatter:   to flap
Squattle:   to squat; to settle
Stacher:   to totter
Staggie:   dim of staig
Staig:   a young horse
Stan':   stand
Stane:   stone
Stan't:   stood
Stang:   sting
Stank:   a moat; a pond
Stap:   to stop
Stapple:   a stopper
Stark:   strong
Starnies:   dim of starn:   star
Starns:   stars
Startle:   to course
Staumrel:   half-witted
Staw:   a stall
Staw:   to surfeit; to sicken
Staw:   stole
Stechin:   cramming
Steek:   a stitch
Steek:   to shut; to close
Steek:   to shut; to touch:   meddle with
Steeve:   compact
Stell:   a still
Sten:   a leap; a spring
Sten't:   sprang
Stented:   erected; set on high
Stents:   assessments:   dues
Steyest:   steepest
Stibble:   stubble
Stibble-rig:   chief reaper
Stick-an-stowe:   completely
Stilt:   limp (with the aid of stilts)
Stimpart:   a quarter peck
Stirk:   a young bullock
Stock:   a plant of cabbage; colewort
Stoited:   stumbled
Stoiter'd:   staggered
Stoor:   harsh:   stern
Stoun':   pang:   throb
Stoure:   dust
Stourie:   dusty
Stown:   stolen
Stownlins:   by stealth
Stoyte:   to stagger
Strae death:   death in bed (i e:   on straw)
Staik:   to stroke
Strak:   struck
Strang:   strong
Straught:   straight
Straught:   to stretch
Streekit:   stretched
Striddle:   to straddle
Stron't:   lanted
Strunt:   liquor
Strunt:   to swagger
Studdie:   an anvil
Stumpie:   dim of stump; a worn quill
Sturt:   worry:   trouble
Sturt:   to fret; to vex
Sturtin:   frighted:   staggered
Styme:   the faintest trace
Sucker:   sugar
Sud:   should
Sugh:   sough:   sigh:   moan:   wail:   swish
Sumph:   churl
Sune:   soon
Suthron:   southern
Swaird:   sward
Swall'd:   swelled
Swank:   limber
Swankies:   strapping fellows
Swap:   exchange
Swapped:   swopped:   exchanged
Swarf:   to swoon
Swat:   sweated
Swatch:   sample
Swats:   new ale
Sweer:   v dead-sweer
Swirl:   curl
Swirlie:   twisted:   knaggy
Swith:   haste; off and away
Swither:   doubt:   hesitation
Swoom:   swim
Swoor:   swore
Sybow:   a young union
Syne:   since:   then