Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : N

Na:   nae:   no:   not
Naething:   naithing:   nothing
Naig:   a nag
Nane:   none:  
Nappy:   ale:   liquor
Natch:   a notching implement; abuse
Neebor:   neibor:   neighbor
Needna:   needn't
Neist:   next
Neuk:   newk:   a nook:   a corner
New-ca'd:   newly driven
Nick (Auld):   Nickie-ben:   a name of the Devil
Nick:   to sever; to slit; to nail:   to seize away
Nickie-ben:   v Nick
Nick-nackets:   curiosities
Nicks:   cuts; the rings on a cow's horns
Nieve:   the fist
Nieve-fu':   fistful
Niffer:   exchange
Nit:   a nut
No:   not
Nocht:   nothing
Norland:   northern
Nowt:   nowte:   cattle