Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : L

Laddie:   dim of lad
Lade:   a load
Lag:   backward
Laggen:   the bottom angle of a wooden dish
Laigh:   low
Laik:   lack
Lair:   lore:   learning
Laird:   landowner
Lairing:   sticking or sinking in moss or mud
Laith:   loath
Laithfu':   loathful:   sheepish
Lallan:   lowland
Lallans:   Scots Lowland vernacular
Lammie:   dim of lamb
Lan':   land
Lan'-afore:   the foremost horse on the unplowed land side
Lan'-ahin:   the hindmost horse on the unplowed land side
Lane:   lone
Lang:   long
Lang syne:   long since:   long ago
Lap:   leapt
Lave:   the rest
Laverock:   lav'rock:   the lark
Lawin:   the reckoning
Lea:   grass:   untilled land
Lear:   lore:   learning
Leddy:   lady
Lee-lang:   live-long
Leesome:   lawful
Leeze me on:   dear is to me; blessings on; commend me to
Leister:   a fish-spear
Len':   to lend
Leugh:   laugh'd
Leuk:   look
Ley-crap:   lea-crop
Libbet:   castrated
Licks:   a beating
Lien:   lain
Lieve:   lief
Lift:   the sky
Lift:   a load
Lightly:   to disparage:   to scorn
Lilt:   to sing
Limmer:   to jade; mistress
Lin:   v linn
Linn:   a waterfall
Lint:   flax
Lint-white:   flax-colored
Lintwhite:   the linnet
Lippen'd:   trusted
Lippie:   dim of lip
Loan:   a lane:  
Loanin:   the private road leading to a farm
Lo'ed:   loved
Lon'on:   London
Loof (pl looves):   the palm of the hand
Loon:   loun:   lown:   a fellow:   a varlet
Loosome:   lovable
Loot:   let
Loove:   love
Looves:   v loof
Losh:   a minced oath
Lough:   a pond:   a lake
Loup:   lowp:   to leap
Low:   lowe:   a flame
Lowin:   lowing:   flaming:   burning
Lown:   v loon
Lowp:   v loup
Lowse:   louse:   to untie:   let loose
Lucky:   a grandmother:   an old woman; an ale wife
Lug:   the ear
Lugget:   having ears
Luggie:   a porringer
Lum:   the chimney
Lume:   a loom
Lunardi:   a balloon bonnet
Lunches:   full portions
Lunt:   a column of smoke or steam
Luntin:   smoking
Luve:   love
Lyart:   gray in general; discolored by decay or old age
Lynin:   lining