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Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : I

I':   in
Icker:   an ear of corn
Ier-oe:   a great-grandchild
Ilk:   ilka:   each:   every
Ill o't:   bad at it
Ill-taen:   ill-taken
Ill-thief the Devil
Ill-willie:   ill-natured:   niggardly
Indentin:   indenturing
Ingine:   genius:   ingenuity; wit
Ingle:   the fire:   the fireside
Ingle-cheek:   fireside (properly the jamb of the fireplace)
Ingle-lowe:   ingle-low:   flame of the fire
I'se:   I shall:   or will
Itsel':   itself
Ither:   other:   another