Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : G

Gab:   the mouth
Gab:   to talk
Gabs:   talk
Gae:   gave
Gae:   to go
Gaed:   went
Gaen:   gone
Gaets:   ways:   manners
Gairs:   gores
Gane:   gone
Gang:   to go
Gangrel:   vagrant
Gar:   to cause:   to make:   to compel
Garcock:   the moorcock
Garten:   garter
Gash:   wise; self-complacent (implying prudence and prosperity); talkative
Gashing:   talking:   gabbing
Gat:   got
Gate:   way-road:   manner
Gatty:   enervated
Gaucie:   v Gawsie
Gaud:   a goad
Gaudsman:   goadsman:   driver of the plough-team
Gau'n gavin
Gaun:   going
Gaunted:   gaped:   yawned
Gawky:   a foolish woman or lad
Gawky:   foolish
Gawsie:   buxom; jolly
Gaylies:   gaily:   rather
Gear:   money:   wealth; goods; stuff
Geck:   to sport; toss the head
Ged a pike
Gentles:   gentry
Genty:   trim and elegant
Geordie:   dim of George:   a guinea
Get:   issue:   offspring:   breed
Ghaist:   ghost
Gie:   to give
Gied:   gave
Gien:   given
Gif:   if
Giftie:   dim of gift
Giglets:   giggling youngsters or maids
Gillie:   dim of gill (glass of whiskey)
Gilpey:   young girl
Gimmer:   a young ewe
Gin:   if:   should:   whether; by
Girdle:   plate of metal for firing cakes:   bannocks
Girn:   to grin:   to twist the face (but from pain or rage:   not joy); gapes;
Gizz:   wig
Glaikit:   foolish:   thoughtless:   giddy
Glaizie:   glossy:   shiny
Glaum'd:   grasped
Gled:   a hawk:   a kite
Gleede:   a glowing coal
Gleg:   nimble:   sharp:   keen-witted
Gleg:   smartly
Glieb:   a portion of land
Glib-gabbet:   smooth-tongued
Glint:   sparkle
Gloamin:   twilight; gloamin-shot:   sunset
Glow'r:   stare
Glunch:   frown:   growl
Goavin:   looking dazedlyl; mooning
Gotten:   got
Gowan:   the wild:   or mountain:   daisy
Gowany:   covered with wild daisies
Gowd:   gold
Gowdie:   the head
Gowff'd:   struck:   as in the game of golf
Gowk:   the cuckoo:   a dolt
Gowling:   lamenting (as a dog in grief)
Graff:   a grave:   a vault
Grain'd:   groaned
Graip:   a dung-fork
Graith:   implements:   gear; furniture; attire
Graithing:   gearing:   vestments
Grane:   groan
Grannie:   graunie:   grandmother
Grape:   grope
Grat:   wept
Gree:   the prize (degree)
Gree:   to agree
Greet:   to weep
Groanin maut:   groaning malt:   brewed for a lying-in
Grozet:   a gooseberry
Grumphie:   the pig
Grun':   the ground
Gruntle:   the face
Gruntle:   dim of grunt
Grunzie:   growing
Grutten:   wept
Gude:   God
Guid:   gude:   good
Guid-e'en:   good evening
Guid-father:   father-in-law
Guid-man:   husband
Guid-wife mistress of the house
Guid-willie:   hearty:   full of good-will
Gullie:   gully:   a large knife
Gulravage:   riotous play
Gumlie:   muddy
Gumption:   wisdom
Gusty:   tasty
Gutcher:   goodsire:   grandfather