Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : F

Fa':   fall
Fa':   lot:   portion
Fa':   to get; suit; claim
Faddom'd:   fathomed
Fae:   foe
Faem:   foam
Faiket:   let off:   excused
Fain:   fond:   glad
Fainness:   fondness
Fair fa':   good befall! welcome
Fairin:   a present from a fair
Fallow:   fellow
Fa'n:   fallen
Fand:   found
Far-aff:   far-off
Farls:   oat-cakes
Fash:   annoyance
Fash:   to trouble; worry
Fash'd:   fash't:   bothered; irked
Fashious:   troublesome
Fasten-e'en:   Fasten's Even (the evening before Lent)
Faught:   a fight
Fauld:   the sheep-fold
Fauld:   folded
Faulding:   sheep-folding
Faun:   fallen
Fause:   false
Fause-house:   hole in a cornstack
Faut:   fault
Fautor:   transgressor
Fawsont:   seemly:   well-doing; good-looking
Feat:   spruce
Fecht:   fight
Feck:   the bulk:   the most part
Feck:   value:   return
Fecket:   waistcoat; sleeve waistcoat (used by farm-servants as both vest and
Feckless:   weak:   pithless:   feeble
Feckly:   mostly
Feg:   a fig
Fegs:   faith!
Feide:   feud
Feint:   v fient
Feirrie:   lusty
Fell:   keen:   cruel:   dreadful:   deadly; pungent
Fell:   the cuticle under the skin
Felly:   relentless
Fen':   a shift
Fen':   fend:   to look after; to care for; keep off
Fenceless:   defenseless
Ferlie:   ferly:   a wonder
Ferlie:   to marvel
Fetches:   catches:   gurgles
Fetch't:   stopped suddenly
Fey:   fated to death
Fidge:   to fidget:   to wriggle
Fidgin-fain:   tingling-wild
Fiel:   well
Fient:   fiend:   a petty oath
Fient a:   not a:   devil a
Fient haet:   nothing (fiend have it)
Fient haet o':   not one of
Fient-ma-care:   the fiend may care (I don't!)
Fier:   fiere:   companion
Fier:   sound:   active
Fin':   to find
Fissle:   tingle:   fidget with delight
Fit:   foot
Fittie-lan':   the near horse of the hind-most pair in the plough
Flae:   a flea
Flaffin:   flapping
Flainin:   flannen:   flannel
Flang:   flung
Flee:   to fly
Fleech:   wheedle
Fleesh:   fleece
Fleg:   scare:   blow:   jerk
Fleth'rin:   flattering
Flewit:   a sharp lash
Fley:   to scare
Flichterin:   fluttering
Flinders:   shreds:   broken pieces
Flinging:   kicking out in dancing; capering
Flingin-tree:   a piece of timber hung by way of partition between two horses
in a stable; a flail
Fliskit:   fretted:   capered
Flit:   to shift
Flittering:   fluttering
Flyte:   scold
Fock:   focks:   folk
Fodgel:   dumpy
Foor:   fared (i e:   went)
Foorsday:   Thursday
Forbears:   forebears:   forefathers
Forby:   forbye:   besides
Forfairn:   worn out; forlorn
Forfoughten:   exhausted
Forgather:   to meet with
Forgie:   to forgive
Forjesket:   jaded
Forrit:   forward
Fother:   fodder
Fou:   fow:   full (i e:   drunk)
Foughten:   troubled
Foumart:   a polecat
Foursome:   a quartet
Fouth:   fulness:   abundance
Fow:   v fou
Fow:   a bushel
Frae:   from
Freath:   to froth:  
Fremit:   estranged:   hostile
Fu':   full
Fu'-han't:   full-handed
Fud:   a short tail (of a rabbit or hare)
Fuff't:   puffed
Fur:   furr:   a furrow
Fur-ahin:   the hindmost plough-horse in the furrow
Furder:   success
Furder:   to succeed
Furm:   a wooden form
Fusionless:   pithless:   sapless:   tasteless:  
Fyke:   fret
Fyke:   to fuss; fidget
Fyle:   to defile:   to foul