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Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : E

Ear':   early
Earn:   eagle
Eastlin:   eastern
E'e:   eye
E'ebrie:   eyebrow
Een:   eyes
E'en:   even
E'en:   evening
E'enin':   evening
E'er:   ever
Eerie:   apprehensive; inspiring ghostly fear
Eild:   eld
Eke:   also
Elbuck:   elbow
Eldritch:   unearthly:   haunted:   fearsome
Elekit:   elected
Ell (Scots):   thirty-seven inches
Eller:   elder
En':   end
Eneugh:   enough
Enfauld:   infold
Enow:   enough
Erse:   Gaelic
Ether-stane:   adder-stone
Ettle:   aim
Evermair:   evermore
Ev'n down:   downright:   positive
Eydent:   diligent