Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : D

Dad:   daddie:   father
Daez't:   dazed
Daffin:   larking:   fun
Daft:   mad:   foolish
Dails:   planks
Daimen icker:   an odd ear of corn
Dam:   pent-up water:   urine
Damie:   dim of dame
Dang:   pret of ding
Danton:   v daunton
Darena:   dare not
Darg:   labor:   task:   a day's work
Darklins:   in the dark
Daud:   a large piece
Daud:   to pelt
Daunder:   saunter
Daunton:   to daunt
Daur:   dare
Daurna:   dare not
Daur't:   dared
Daut:   dawte:   to fondle
Daviely:   spiritless
Daw:   to dawn
Dawds:   lumps
Dawtingly:   prettily:   caressingly
Dead:   death
Dead-sweer:   extremely reluctant
Deave:   to deafen
Deil:   devil
Deil-haet:   nothing (Devil have it)
Deil-ma-care:   Devil may care
Deleeret:   delirious:   mad
Delvin:   digging
Dern'd:   hid
Descrive:   to describe
Deuk:   duck
Devel:   a stunning blow
Diddle:   to move quickly
Dight:   to wipe
Dight:   winnowed:   sifted
Din:   dun:   muddy of complexion
Ding:   to beat:   to surpass
Dink:   trim
Dinna:   do not
Dirl:   to vibrate:   to ring
Diz'n:   dizzen:   dozen
Dochter:   daughter
Doited:   muddled:   doting; stupid:   bewildered
Donsie:   vicious:   bad-tempered; restive; testy
Dool:   wo:   sorrow
Doolfu':   doleful:   woful
Dorty:   pettish
Douce:   douse:   sedate:   sober:   prudent
Douce:   doucely:   dousely:   sedately:   prudently
Doudl'd:   dandled
Dought (pret of dow):   could
Douked:   ducked
Doup:   the bottom
Doup-skelper:   bottom-smacker
Dour-doure:   stubborn:   obstinate; cutting
Dow:   dowe:   am (is or are) able:   can
Dow:   a dove
Dowf:   dowff:   dull
Dowie:   drooping:   mournful
Dowilie:   drooping
Downa:   can not
Downa-do (can not do):   lack of power
Doylt:   stupid:   stupefied
Doytin:   doddering:  
Dozen'd:   torpid
Dozin:   torpid
Draigl't:   draggled
Drant:   prosing
Drap:   drop
Draunting:   tedious
Dree:   endure:   suffer
Dreigh:   v dreight
Dribble:   drizzle
Driddle:   to toddle
Dreigh:   tedious:   dull
Droddum:   the breech
Drone:   part of the bagpipe
Droop-rumpl't:   short-rumped
Drouk:   to wet:   to drench
Droukit:   wetted
Drouth:   thirst
Drouthy:   thirsty
Druken:   drucken:   drunken
Drumlie:   muddy:   turbid
Drummock:   raw meal and cold water
Drunt:   the huff
Dry:   thirsty
Dub:   puddle:   slush
Duddie:   ragged
Duddies:   dim of duds:   rags
Duds:   rags:   clothes
Dung:   v dang
Dunted:   throbbed:   beat
Dunts:   blows
Durk:   dirk
Dusht:   pushed or thrown down violently
Dwalling:   dwelling
Dwalt:   dwelt
Dyke:   a fence (of stone or turf):   a wall
Dyvor:   a bankrupt