Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : C

Ca':   call:   knock:   drive
Cadger:   a hawker (especially of fish)
Cadie:   caddie:   a fellow
Caff:   chaff
Caird:   a tinker
Calf-ward:   grazing plot for calves (ie:   churchyard)
Callan:   callant:   a stripling
Caller:   cool:   refreshing
Callet:   a trull
Cam:   came
Canie:   cannie:   gentle:   tractable:   quiet:   prudent:   careful
Cankrie:   crabbed
Canna:   can not
Canniest:   quietest
Cannilie:   cannily:   quietly:   prudently:   cautiously
Cantie:   cheerful:   lively:   jolly:   merry
Cantraip:   magic:   witching
Cants:   merry stories:   canters or sprees or merry doings
Cape-stanc:   copestone
Care na by:   do not care
Carl:   carle:   a man:   an old man
Carl-hemp:   male-hemp
Carlie:   a manikin
Carlin:   carline a middle-aged:   or old:   woman; a beldam:   a witch
Carmagnole:   a violent Jacobin
Cartes:   playing-cards
Cartie:   dim of cart
Catch-the-plack:   the hunt for money
Caudron:   a caldron
Cauf:   calf
Cauf-leather:   calf-leather
Cauk:   chalk
Cauld:   cold
Cauldron:   caldron
Caup:   a wooden drinking vessel
Causey-cleaners:   causeway-cleaners
Cavie:   a hen-coop
Chamer:   chaumer:   chamber
Change-house:   tavern
Chanter:   bagpipes; the pipe of the bag-pipes which produces the melody; song
Chap:   a fellow:   a young fellow
Chap:   to strike
Chapman:   a pedler
Chaup:   chap:   a stroke:   a blow
Chear:   cheer
Chearfu':   cheerful
Chearless:   cheerless
Cheary:   cheery
Cheek-for-chow:   cheek-by-jowl (ie close beside)
Cheep:   peep:   squeak
Chiel:   chield (i e:   child):   a fellow:   a young fellow
Chimla:   chimney
Chittering:   shivering
Chows:   chews
Chuck:   a hen:   a dear
Chuckie:   dim of chuck:   but usually signifies mother hen:   an old dear
Chuffie:   fat-faced
Chuse:   to choose
Cit:   the civet
Cit:   a citizen:   a merchant
Clachan:   a small village about a church
Claeding:   clothing
Claes:   claise:   clothes
Claith:   cloth
Claithing:   clothing
Clankie:   a severe knock
Clap:   the clapper of a mill
Clark:   a clerk
Clark:   clerkly:   scholarly
Clarkit:   clerked:   wrote
Clarty:   dirty
Clash:   an idle tale; gossip
Clash:   to tattle
Clatter:   noise:   tattle:   talk:   disputation:   babble
Clatter:   to make a noise by striking; to babble; to prattle
Claught:   clutched:   seized
Claughtin:   clutching:   grasping
Claut:   a clutch:   a handful
Claut:   to scrape
Claver:   clover
Clavers:   gossip:   nonsense
Claw:   a scratch:   a blow
Claw:   to scratch:   to strike
Clay-cauld:   clay-cold
Claymore:   a two-handed Highland sword
Cleckin:   a brood
Cleed:   to clothe
Cleek:   to snatch
Cleekit:   linked arms
Cleg:   gadfly
Clink:   a sharp stroke; jingle
Clink:   money:   coin
Clink:   to chink
Clink:   to rhyme
Clinkin:   with a smart motion
Clinkum:   clinkumbell:   the beadle:   the bellman
Clips:   shears
Clish-ma-claver:   gossip:   taletelling; non-sense
Clockin-time:   clucking- (i e:   hatching-) time
Cloot:   the hoof
Clootie:   cloots:   hoofie:   hoofs (a nickname of the Devil)
Clour:   a bump or swelling after a blow
Clout:   a cloth:   a patch
Clout:   to patch
Clud:   a cloud
Clunk:   to make a hollow sound
Coble:   a broad and flat boat
Cock:   the mark (in curling)
Cockie:   dim of cock (applied to an old man)
Cocks:   fellows:   good fellows
Cod:   a pillow
Coft:   bought
Cog:   a wooden drinking vessel:   a porridge dish:   a corn measure for horses
Coggie:   dim of cog:   a little dish
Coil:   Coila:   Kyle (one of the ancient districts of Ayrshire)
Collieshangie:   a squabble
Cood:   cud
Coof:   v cuif
Cookit:   hid
Coor:   cover
Cooser:   a courser:   a stallion
Coost (i e:   cast):   looped:   threw off:   tossed:   chucked
Cootie:   a small pail
Cootie:   leg-plumed
Corbies:   ravens:   crows
Core:   corps
Corn mou:   corn heap
Corn't:   fed with corn
Corse:   corpse
Corss:   cross
Cou'dna:   couldna:   couldn't
Countra:   country
Coup:   to capsize
Couthie:   couthy:   loving:   affable:   cosy:   comfortable
Cowe:   to scare:   to daunt
Cowe:   to lop
Crack:   tale; a chat; talk
Crack:   to chat:   to talk
Craft:   croft
Craft-rig:   croft-ridge
Craig:   the throat
Craig:   a crag
Craigie:   dim of craig:   the throat
Craigy:   craggy
Craik:   the corn-crake:   the land-rail
Crambo-clink:   rhyme
Crambo-jingle:   rhyming
Cran:   the support for a pot or kettle
Crankous:   fretful
Cranks:   creakings
Cranreuch:   hoar-frost
Crap:   crop:   top
Craw:   crow
Creel:   an osier basket
Creepie-chair:   stool of repentance
Creeshie:   greasy
Crocks:   old ewes
Cronie:   intimate friend
Crooded:   cooed
Croods:   coos
Croon:   moan:   low
Croon:   to toll
Crooning:   humming
Croose:   crouse:   cocksure:   set:   proud:   cheerful
Crouchie:   hunchbacked
Crousely:   confidently
Crowdie:   meal and cold water:   meal and milk:   porridge
Crowdie-time:   porridge-time (i e:   breakfast-time)
Crowlin:   crawling
Crummie:   a horned cow
Crummock:   cummock:   a cudgel:   a crooked staff
Crump:   crisp
Crunt:   a blow
Cuddle:   to fondle
Cuif:   coof:   a dolt:   a ninny; a dastard
Cummock:   v crummock
Curch:   a kerchief for the head
Curchie:   a curtsy
Curler:   one who plays at curling
Curmurring:   commotion
Curpin:   the crupper of a horse
Curple:   the crupper (i e:   buttocks)
Cushat:   the wood pigeon
Custock:   the pith of the colewort
Cutes:   feet:   ankles
Cutty:   short
Cutty-stools:   stools of repentance