Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : B

Ba':   a ball
Backet:   bucket:   box
Backit:   backed
Backlins-comin:   coming back
Back-yett:   gate at the back
Bade:   endured
Bade:   asked
Baggie:   stomach
Baig'nets:   bayonets
Baillie:   magistrate of a Scots burgh
Bainie:   bony
Bairn:   child
Bairntime:   brood
Baith:   both
Bakes:   biscuits
Ballats:   ballads
Balou:   lullaby
Ban:   swear
Ban':   band (of the Presbyterian clergyman)
Bane:   bone
Bang:   an effort; a blow; a large number
Bang:   to thump
Banie:   v bainie
Bannet:   bonnet
Bannock:   bonnock:   a thick oatmeal cake
Bardie:   dim of bard
Barefit:   barefooted
Barket:   barked
Barley-brie:   or bree:   barley-brew-ale or whiskey
Barm:   yeast
Barmie:   yeasty
Barn-yard:   stackyard
Bartie:   the Devil
Bashing:   abashing
Batch:   a number
Batts:   the botts; the colic
Bauckie-bird:   the bat
Baudrons:   Baudrans:   the cat
Bauk:   cross-beam
Bauk:   v bawk
Bauk-en':   beam-end
Bauld:   bold
Bauldest:   boldest
Bauldly:   boldly
Baumy:   balmy
Bawbee:   a half-penny
Bawdrons:   v baudrons
Bawk:   a field path
Baws'nt:   white-streaked
Bear:   barley
Beas':   beasts:   vermin
Beastie:   dim of beast
Beck:   a curtsy
Beet:   feed:   kindle
Beild:   v biel
Belang:   belong
Beld:   bald
Bellum:   assault
Bellys:   bellows
Belyve:   by and by
Ben:   a parlor (ie:   the inner apartment); into the parlor
Benmost:   inmost
Be-north:   to the northward of
Be-south:   to the southward of
Bethankit:   grace after meat
Beuk:   a book: devil's pictur'd beuks-playing-cards
Bicker:   a wooden cup
Bicker:   a short run
Bicker:   to flow swiftly and with a slight noise
Bickerin:   noisy contention
Bickering:   hurrying
Bid:   to ask:   to wish:   to offer
Bide:   abide:   endure
Biel:   bield:   a shelter; a sheltered spot
Biel:   comfortable
Bien:   comfortable
Bien:   bienly:   comfortably
Big:   to build
Biggin:   building
Bike:   v byke
Bill:   the bull
Billie:   fellow:   comrade:   brother
Bings:   heaps
Birdie:   dim of bird; also maidens
Birk:   the birch
Birken:   birchen
Birkie:   a fellow
Birr:   force:   vigor
Birring:   whirring
Birses:   bristles
Birth:   berth
Bit:   small (eg:   bit lassie)
Bit:   nick of time
Bitch-fou:   completely drunk
Bizz:   a flurry
Bizz:   buzz
Bizzard:   the buzzard
Bizzie:   busy
Black-bonnet:   the Presbyterian elder
Black-nebbit:   black-beaked
Blad:   v blaud
Blae:   blue:   livid
Blastet:   blastit:   blasted
Blastie:   a blasted (ie:   damned) creature; a little wretch
Blate:   modest:   bashful
Blather:   bladder
Blaud:   a large quantity
Blaud:   to slap:   pelt
Blaw:   blow
Blaw:   to brag
Blawing:   blowing
Blawn:   blown
Bleer:   to blear
Bleer't:   bleared
Bleeze:   blaze
Blellum:   a babbler; a railer; a blusterer
Blether:   blethers:   nonsense
Blether:   to talk nonsense
Bletherin':   talking nonsense
Blin':   blind
Blink:   a glance:   a moment
Blink:   to glance:   to shine
Blinkers:   spies:   oglers
Blinkin:   smirking:   leering
Blin't:   blinded
Blitter:   the snipe
Blue-gown:   the livery of the licensed beggar
Bluid:   blood
Bluidy:   bloody
Blume:   to bloom
Bluntie:   a stupid
Blypes:   shreds
Bobbed:   curtsied
Bocked:   vomited
Boddle:   a farthing
Bode:   look for
Bodkin:   tailor's needle
Body:   bodie:   a person
Boggie:   dim of bog
Bogle:   a bogie:   a hobgoblin
Bole:   a hole:   or small recess in the wall
Bonie:   bonnie:   pretty:   beautiful
Bonilie:   prettily
Bonnock:   v Bannock
'Boon:   above
Boord:   board:   surface
Boord-en':   board-end
Boortress:   elders
Boost:   must needs
Boot:   payment to the bargain
Bore:   a chink:   recess
Botch:   an angry tumor
Bouk:   a human trunk; bulk
Bountith:   bounty
'Bout:   about
Bow-hough'd:   bandy-thighed
Bow-kail:   cabbage
Bow't:   bent
Brachens:   ferns
Brae:   the slope of a hill
Braid:   broad
Broad-claith:   broad-cloth
Braik:   a harrow
Braing't:   plunged
Brak:   broke
Brak's:   broke his
Brankie:   gay:   fine
Branks:   a wooden curb:   a bridle
Bran'y:   brandy
Brash:   short attack
Brats:   small pieces:   rags
Brats:   small children
Brattle:   a scamper
Brattle:   noisy onset
Braw:   handsome:   fine:   gaily dressed
Brawlie:   finely:   perfectly:   heartily
Braxies:   sheep that have died of braxie (a disease)
Breastie:   dim of breast
Breastit:   sprang forward
Brechan:   ferns
Breeks:   breeches
Breer:   brier
Brent:   brand
Brent:   straight:   steep (ie:   not sloping from baldness)
Brie:   v barley-brie
Brief:   writ
Brier:   briar
Brig:   bridge
Brisket:   breast
Brither:   brother
Brock:   a badger
Brogue:   a trick
Broo:   soup:   broth:   water; liquid in which anything is cooked
Brooses:   wedding races from the church to the home of the bride
Brose:   a thick mixture of meal and warm water; also a synonym for porridge
Browster wives:   ale wives
Brugh:   a burgh
Brulzie:   brulyie:   a brawl
Brunstane:   brimstone
Brunt:   burned
Brust:   burst
Buckie:   dim of buck; a smart younker
Buckle:   a curl
Buckskin:   Virginian: the buckskin kye:   negroes
Budget:   tinker's bag of tools
Buff:   to bang:   to thump
Bughtin:   folding
Buirdly:   stalwart
Bum:   the buttocks
Bum:   to hum
Bum-clock:   beetle:   cockchafer:   Junebug
Bummle:   a drone:   a useless fellow
Bunker:   a seat
Bunters:   harlots
Burdies:   dim of bird or burd (a lady); maidens
Bure:   bore
Burn:   a rivulet
Burnewin:   the blacksmith (ie:   burn the wind)
Burnie:   dim of burn:   a rivulet
Burr-thistle:   spear-thistle
Busk:   to dress; to garb; to dress up; to adorn
Buss:   a bush
Bussle:   bustle
But:   without
But:   butt:   in the kitchen (ie:   the outer apartment)
By:   past:   aside
By:   beside
By himsel:   beside himself
Bye attour (ie:   by and attour):   beside and at a distance
Byke:   a bees' nest; a hive; a swarm; a crowd
Byre:   a cow-house