Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

Glossary : A

A', all
A-back, behind, away
Abiegh, aloof, off
Ablins, v aiblins
Aboon, above up
Abread, abroad
Abreed, in breadth
Ae, one
Aff, off
Aff-hand, at once
Aff-loof, offhand
A-fiel, afield
Afore, before
Aft, oft
Aften, often
Agley, awry
Ahin, behind
Aiblins, perhaps
Aidle, foul water
Aik, oak
Aiken, oaken
Ain, own
Air, early
Airle, earnest money
Airn, iron
Airt, direction
Airt, to direct
Aith, oath
Aits, oats
Aiver, an old horse
Aizle, a cinder
A-jee, ajar; to one side
Alake, alas
Alane, alone
Alang, along
Amaist, almost
Amang, among
An, if
An', and
Ance, once
Ane, one
Aneath, beneath
Anes, ones
Anither, another
Aqua-fontis, spring water
Aqua-vitae, whiskey
Arle, v airle
Ase, ashes
Asklent, askew, askance
Aspar, aspread
Asteer, astir
A'thegither, altogether
Athort, athwart
Atweel, in truth
Atween, between
Aught, eight
Aught, possessed of
Aughten, eighteen
Aughtlins, at all
Auld, old
Auldfarran, auldfarrant, shrewd, old-fashioned, sagacious
Auld Reekie, Edinburgh
Auld-warld, old-world
Aumous, alms
Ava, at all
Awa, away
Awald, backways and doubled up
Awauk, awake
Awauken, awaken
Awe, owe
Awkart, awkward
Awnie, bearded
Ayont, beyond