Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



From the Spanish

Coplas de Manrique


I. The Good Shepherd
II. To-morrow
III. The Native Land
IV. The Image of God
V. The Brook

Ancient Spanish Ballads

I. Rio Verde, Rio Verde
II. Don Nuno, Count of Lara
III. The peasant leaves his plough afield

Vida de San Millan
San Miguel, the Convent
Song: "She is a maid of artless grace"
Santa Teresa's Book-Mark

From the Cancioneros

I. Eyes so tristful, eyes so tristful
II. Some day, some day
III. Come, O death, so silent flying
IV. Glove of black in white hand bare

From the Swedish and Danish

Passages from Frithiof's Saga

I. Frithiof's Homestead
II. A Sledge-Ride on the Ice
III. Frithiof's Temptation
IV. Frithiof's Farewell

The Children of the Lord's Supper
King Christian
The Elected Knight

From the German

The Happiest Land
The Wave
The Dead
The Bird and the Ship
Song of the Bell
The Castle by the Sea
The Black Knight
Song of the Silent Land
The Luck of Edenhall
The Two Locks of Hair
The Hemlock Tree
Annie of Tharaw
The Statue over the Cathedral Door
The Legend of the Crossbill
The Sea hath its Pearls
Poetic Aphorisms
Silent Love
Blessed are the Dead
Wanderer's Night-Songs

From the Anglo-Saxon

The Grave
Beowulf's Expedition to Heort
The Soul's Complaint against the Body

From the French

Song: Hark! Hark!
Song: "And whither goest thou, gentle sigh"
The Return of Spring
The Child Asleep
Death of Archbishop Turpin
The Blind Girl of Castel-Cuille
A Christmas Carol
To Cardinal Richelieu
The Angel and the Child
On the Terrace of the Aigalades
To my Brooklet
Will ever the dear days come back again?
At La Chaudeau
A Quiet Life
The Wine of Jurancon
Friar Lubin
My Secret

From the Italian

The Celestial Pilot
The Terrestrial Paradise
To Italy

Seven Sonnets and a Canzone

I. The Artist
II. Fire.
III. Youth and Age
IV. Old Age
V. To Vittoria Colonna
VI. To Vittoria Colonna
VII. Dante
VIII. Canzone
The Nature of Love

From the Portuguese

Song: If thou art sleeping, maiden

From Eastern sources

The Fugitive
The Siege of Kazan
The Boy and the Brook
To the Stork

From the Latin

Virgils First Eclogue
Ovid in Exile