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Poetry of Amy Lowell
Sword Blades and Poppy Seed


How should I sing when buffeting salt waves
 And stung with bitter surges, in whose might
 I toss, a cockleshell?  The dreadful night
Marshals its undefeated dark and raves
In brutal madness, reeling over graves
 Of vanquished men, long-sunken out of sight,
 Sent wailing down to glut the ghoulish sprite
Who haunts foul seaweed forests and their caves.
 No parting cloud reveals a watery star,
My cries are washed away upon the wind,
 My cramped and blistering hands can find no spar,
My eyes with hope o'erstrained, are growing blind.
 But painted on the sky great visions burn,
 My voice, oblation from a shattered urn!